Reviewing 2020 First 7months

Due to the COVID-19, for the past seven months, “How are you?” was not the simple greeting but the serious asking if you stay safe and healthy.

mofiria, our unique technology, must be very good for anti-COVID-19, but our business has not increased.

This is our dilemma: Many people are now wearing facemasks, which makes face-recognition difficult.

And, after washing hands, fingerprint recognition doesn’t work well, because hands remain a little wet.

Our mofiria’s vein recognition Does work!  We’ve thought that our time has finally come!!  But the world-wide biometric demand decreased since early spring this year partly because of less activities of people.

However, just recently, as the world economic activities slowly resume, our business is coming out gradually.

During the period of “almost no business”, we contemplated how to best appeal mofiria’s competitiveness and potential contribution to anti-COVOD19 measures.

Then our conclusion is that we will begin to tell and show that our technology does NOT necessarily need the direct touch to a authentication device. We look forward to talking with you in this matter soon.

Author of this article

Satoshi Amagai
mofiria Corporation
President and CEO


Finger Vein Recognition Technology "mofiria"