Contributions of Mofiria During Natural Disasters

I would like to express my sincere condolences to those who lost their lives in the recent Noto earthquake and the airplane collision at Haneda Airport. I also pray for a swift recovery in both mind and body, and for the restoration of the living environments for those who have been affected.

2024 has started tumultuously for Japan, and in my previous blog, I wrote the following: “It’s a world where a new era, unimaginable as an extension of the past, suddenly arrives. With this in mind, I strongly desire to continue promoting our impeccably accurate technology globally, from the perspective that, nevertheless, personal verification is absolutely necessary.” At that time, the message was with regard to the rapid changes in technologies like generative AI, but the recent earthquake and plane collision are similar in the sense that they occurred unexpectedly. From this perspective, I have compiled a list of points on how Mofiria’s vein authentication technology can be useful in responding to such disaster damages.

<How Mofiria Can Contribute to Disaster and Accident Response>

  1. Even if you evacuate with only the clothes on your back, precise and unmatched personal identification is possible without carrying anything.
  2. Authentication is possible even if your hands are wet or dirty.
  3. If buried under mud or debris, as long as the person is alive, identification is possible if only the hand is found.
  4. If connected to remote medical systems or electronic medical records, rapid remote diagnosis and prescription instructions are possible.

Combining this capability with a system that detects the presence of people using some sensors could allow for more effective and efficient search and rescue operations.


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