Verification and Identification

Mofiria supports two types of authentication method, 1:1 verification and 1:N identification. You can use either method depending on your needs. For example, when you put a priority on accuracy or security level, you may want to choose 1:1 verification. Otherwise, when you put a priority on usability, you should choose 1:N identification.

1:1 Authentication (Verification)

1:1 authentication (verification) is a method that specifies a template for the person to be authenticated and compares with their actual finger (vein) placed on the FVA device. It is much better method than 1:N authentication in accuracy and security, while user-friendliness is inferior.

1:1 Authentication (verification)

1:N Authentication (Identification)

1:N authentication (identification) picks up one person from up to 1000 pre-enrolled templates just by placing a finger on the FVA device. This method has superior user-friendliness as no specification is needed.

1:N Authenticaion (identification)

1:N authentication provided by mofiria

The following table is the specification for 1:N authentication library module provided by mofiria:

SDK model number MSDK-SAS-10N
Supported device FVA-U3SX, FVA-M2STFVA-U4BT
Interface USB, RS-232C, Bluetooth
Supported server OS Windows, CentOS
Remark Authentication in server only
Supports up to 1:1000

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