President Message

With the rapid advancement of information and mobile technologies, the demand for a secure operating environment has increased. mofiria Corporation allows individuals and businesses worldwide to operate in a safe and secure digital environment, using our latest finger vein authentication technology.

We are focusing on finger vein authentication technology – recognized as one of the most accurate forms of biometric authentication – to make personal identification more portable and user-friendly. Our motto “Compact, Fast and Comfortable”, tells our story- that “mofiria” finger vein authentication technology taken over from Sony Corporation will provide the best solution in the industry.

By simply placing a finger on our device, anyone can be uniquely and instantly identified, without fear of forgery or identity theft, and without any complicated process or password memorization. With “mofiria”, the future can be more secure and carefree for everyone.

Better Life with Finger ID 

mofiria Corporation

Finger Vein Recognition Technology "mofiria"