Mofiria’s Technology

Compact and Light

Mofiria adopts a unique reflective dispersion method, which near-infrared lights emitted from LED is reflected inside the finger, and the vein pattern image is captured by a CMOS sensor.
Our device can be designed for plane arrangement that enables smaller size and flexibility in design implementation when embedded to other devices.

mofiria's authentication method

Template Size

With mofiria’s data compression technology, the size of templates is reduced in almost the same size of fingerprint data while keeping its accuracy high. The template is small enough to be stored in a contactless IC card or transferred by low capacity lines. A wide variety of applications on different operation systems can be expected.

Our finger vein recognition technology has the advantages of lower cost and smaller size of templates compared to other finger vein recognition technologies (see below).

Biometric Accuracy Size of Template Cost Security Level Long-term Stability
mofiria High Small Low High High
Finger vein (others) High Medium High High High
Fingerprint Medium Small Low Low Low

High-Accuracy and high-Speed Authentication

By applying our unique vein pattern extraction algorithm and center part extraction method that is less affected by changes in the weather or physical condition of the individual, high authentication accuracy can be achieved under various conditions. In addition, the optimization of algorithms and programs enables high-speed matching: Authentication Speed – approx. 0.3 sec. at ARM9 96MHz, 5ms at Intel Pentium 1GHz.

  vein pattern extraction algorithm


In the authentication process, if the finger is not put on the device the same as during enrollment, the authentication may fail. mofiria has developed matching algorithms that automatically correct adjust the finger’s position data of matching vein pattern, and succeeded in achieving a high level of usability.

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