Finger vein authentication device

The device can be used outdoors?

Mofiria’s FVA series is basically for indoor use only. It may not work properly in outdoor environments exposed to direct sunlight. Also, it cannot be used right under the halogen lamp or near a window with direct sunlight.

The device can be used in wet areas?

FVA-E2SX and a series of FVA-U2SXs are not waterproof. Using the device in wet areas where water droplets stick to its surface leads to a system malfunction or failure. When this phenomenon occurs, remove the cable from the device immediately and contact the retail store where you purchased your mofiria device.

Dust on the device affects the results of authentication?

When dust accumulates on the sensor surface, please wipe it with a soft cloth.

Oil spots on the device affect the results of authentication?

When oil spots stick to the sensor surface, please wipe them with a soft cloth. Do not use alcohol-based solvents on the surface; they could exfoliate the surface coating. This may result in authentication failure.

Scratches on the device affect the results of authentication?

Depending on the size of the scratch or the scratched area on the surface, problems may occur. If its size is larger than 5mm long 0.2mm in depth, the probability of authentication failure will be higher. The incidence of this phenomenon might be lowered by re-enrolling the finger vein patterns, but the authentication performance will be degraded. Please use the device with caution.

Can finger vein authentication device be used for personal verification securely?

In order to avoid unauthorized usage, mofiria device encrypts the registered vein pattern data by using the latest technology. The authentication results will be encrypted, and the log files can help to prevent identity theft. mofira finger vein authentication technology provides accurate personal verification and gives access permission only to authorized users, so you can use our device with confidence.

How much can mofiria device store finger vein data?

mofiria device has temporary storage area for matching process but does not have any storage area for storing finger vein data. The main purpose of this is to prevent leaking finger vein data in case a device is stolen.
You can specify the storage location freely such as external server, storage and so on, in spite of authentication method.

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