Multifactor authentication integrated platform – EVE MA


EVE MA is an authentication platform for Windows developed by DDS, Inc., which supports various methods including IC card, biometrics and so on.
About 4% of people don’t have a fingerprint that can be utilized for biometrics. mofiria provided their patented finger vein authentication solution to support those people and accomodate a request for much securer biometrics solution from some end-users. EVE-MA with mofiria’s finger vein authentication solution is used by many corporations as well as local government offices.

Accommodating various needs from enterprises

  • Manage and operate the authentication system mainly on Active Directory
  • Apply IC card and biometrics authentication to network authentication and application authentication as well
  • Utilize existing IC card for entrance system to PC security purpose as is
  • Each department can apply a different operation of biometrics and IC card authentication
  • Enhance security level by combined authentication of IC card, password and biometrics


Used mofiria materials

Finger vein authentication device FVA-U3SX / FVA-U2SXA / FVA-U2SX
Software development kit MSDK-U1W1
(currently: MSDK-DCL-02)


This product can support a variety of combination and operations. For details, please feel free to contact us.
EVE MA Web site

Finger Vein Recognition Technology "mofiria"