Device Options

This page shows some options for mofiria finger vein authentication device. We provide various options to assist your usage and operation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other requirement.

mofiria Device Trial Application (OPT-mDTA)

Windows software application for evaluating how mofiria’s device works.
You can try enrollment and authentication of finger vein data easily and confirm the processing speed and how they work. This program supports all of existing mofiria finger vein authentication devices.

Main screen
Main screen
Screen on generating finger vein data
Screen on generating finger vein data
Supported Operating System
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

FVA-M2ST Unit Customization (FVA-M2ST-CS1)

Unit customization of finger vein authentication module FVA-M2ST. This shape and size was designed by considering usability ergonomically. Suitable for used at entrance, reception counter, teller windows and so on.

※ The standard model does not include the mofiria logo on the case. It is possible to arrange your own logo etc on it as an option.

FVA-M2ST Unit Customization
Connection Interface USB: USB 2.0 Full Speed
Power Supply USB Bus Power
Dimension 163.9mm/79.6mm/127.8mm (W/H/D, excl. USB cable)
Weight Approx. 370g
USB Cable Length Approx. 1.0m or 1.8m
Others Other specifications are equivalent to FVA-M2ST.

Acrylic Holder Kit for FVA-M2ST

An acrylic holder kit for finger vein authentication module FVA-M2ST. It is convenient for development purpose. A USB cable is attached.

Acrylic Holder Kit
Dimension 110mm/70mm/110mm (W/H/D, incl. FVA-M2ST)
Weight Approx. 144g (incl. FVA-M2ST)
Supported Device FVA-M2ST, FVA-M1ST

FVA-U3SX Optional Stand

An optional stand for FVA-U3SX, FVA-U2SXA and FVA-U2SX. A device can be fit firmly to the stand by an embedded magnet. With using this stand, you don’t need to hold a device and it enables more stable operations by fixing the placement position of finger.

FVA-U3SX Optional Stand
Dimension 75.11mm/49.13mm/85.45mm (W/H/D)
Weight Approx. 147g
Supported Device FVA-U3SX, FVA-U2SXA, FVA-U2SX

Other options

Waterproof and dustproof, antibacterial, change of color and/or logo on device body are available for some devices and specific quantity. Please feel free to contact us.