(Example for applying an acrylic holder provided with the trial kit)

FVA-M2ST is a finger vein authentication module for embedded purpose, which supports two types of connection interface, USB and RS-232C. It can be utilized for various uses such as ATM, door, cabinet, locker, strong box, healthcare product and on.
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Voltage / Current Authentication mode: DC 5V 250mA or less
Sleep mode: DC 5V 5mA or less
Power supply USB Bus power or DC 5V (RS232C Interface) +/- 10%
* It can communicate using RS-232C interface while electrified from USB port.
Dimensions Approx. 76 × 65 × 45.3mm (W/H/D)
Interface USB: USB 2.0 Full Speed, RS-232C: whichever having interface feature of Baud rate 115.2kbps
* Choose either one of both interfaces to connect.
Weight Approx. 32 g
Sensor Electrostatic
Certification CE, FCC
Supported OS Depends on supported OS by mofiria’s software development kits compatible with this device (Windows, Linux, Android, Mac and so on)
Others This device is compatible with the predecessor device, FVA-M1ST.

Supported software development kit (SDK)

External dimensions

RS-232C Interface Specifications

Signals 3 signals (RXD/TXD/GND)
Data transmission Full duplex
Synchronization scheme Start-stop synchronization
Flow control None
Input-output buffer MAX3222IPWR
Character Start bit 1 bit
Data bit 8 bit
Parity None
Stop bit 1 bit
Transfer speed 115,200 bps

Pin Assignment (RS-232C Interface)

This module is equipped with a 7 pin assignment top entry type SM07B-SRSS-TB SH manufactured by JST Mfg. Co., Ltd. in Japan.
* Please contact the manufacturer above directly for details.

Pin No. Signal name Function Remarks
1 VDD Power supply DC 5.0 V
2 VDD Power supply DC 5.0 V
3 Reserve N.C. No connection
4 GND Ground GND
5 TXD OUT Transmit data
6 GND Ground GND
7 RXD IN Receive data

Electrical Specifications

Absolute Maximum Ratings
Stress in excess of the absolute maximum ratings below can cause permanent damage to the module.

Items Ratings
Supply voltage 6.0 V
Input voltage RXD -25 V ~ +25 V

Electrical Characteristics

Items Minimum Maximum
Supply voltage (VDD) 4.75 V 5.25 V
Input voltage (RXD) -25 V 25 V
Output voltage (TXD) -13.2 V 13.2 V
in operation 250 mA
in standby 5 mA


* Any templates generated by this device are compatible with only FVA-OA11 and FVA-M1ST.

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