This kit includes source code utilized for controlling a RS-232C connected mofiria finger vein authentication device, FVA-M2ST and FVA-M1ST.
This kit supports bothauthentication process in device and on server. In order to execute authentication on serverMSDK-SAS-02 (1:1) or MSDK-SAS-10N (1:N) is also required.


Access library Libraries for controlling mofiria finger vein authentication device. Provided as C source code.
Sample program Sample source code for programs using the libraries above. It includes some implemented examples of platform dependent parts for Windows and Linux.
Utilitiy Source code for demo application and others.

System requirements

Platform OS/platform independent
* You need to develop and implement platform dependent parts.
CPU 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit
Endian Little endian

Some of main features provided by this kit

You can handle the following processes by controlling supported mofiria device:

    • Generating template
    • Importing template
    • Starting authentication
    • Continuing authentication
    • Getting mofiria ID
    • Device self-diagnosis
    • Operation cancel
    • Device reset
    • Controling status LED display
    • Loading device default parameters
    • Getting finger plate switch status

and so on

Platform dependent parts

You need to implement the following parts. (Sample programs include some examples fo platform dependent part for Windows and Linux)

    • Opening port
    • Closing port
    • Sending data
    • Receiving data

and so on


Finger Vein Recognition Technology "mofiria"