Dynamic Africa

The other day I have experienced one of the best seminars for the past few years.

That was named “AAIC Africa Business Seminar”. (AAIC: https://www.aa-ic.com/en/about-en)
From the beginning till the end, I was kept positively surprised and shocked by various presentations/slides/speeches on the vast potential of Africa and ongoing dynamic activities. I also realized not a few challenging issues to be solved. This seminar was a great teacher for me.

Here are some of the examples I was especially impressed with. Most of their original concepts were born in advanced nations like USA. But the services are modified to best fit for Africa. That’s how those services are soaring.

1) Mobile payment/financial transaction for the people who don’t have bank accounts
2) Long-haul trucks or ambulance arrangements using Uber concept
3) Blood delivery by drone
4) “Solar-power kit” rental services for residents in non-electricity areas

With those above enterprises, fast growing “unicorn” start-ups are emerging even in Africa, which is very stimulating.

We, mofiria, would also like to do something to help Africa further emerge.
Our competitiveness of “Easy and super accurate Personal Identification” should work!

Author of this article

Satoshi Amagai
mofiria Corporation
President and CEO

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