Resolution 2020

We, mofiria, have entered into the 10th year of operation.
Thank you so much for your continued support, advice and cooperation.

As a technology venture company, we have challenged many things. Some did have pretty big potential risks.
But we did try, because we know “No challenge no win”.

For the past year, we also tried to change global business models, the corporate organization and the capital policies, etc.

1) Business model
Considering the limit of our resources, we have formed “competitive teams” with reliable partners to seek for global businesses.
This strategy has worked to a large extent. But at the same time, this strategy has some room to be improved.
We should be closer to the end-users and timely listen their voices.
In order to do so, we should work more closely with business partners to be involved in the total service packages.
In 2019 we developed several packages. We will launch them this year. Some of them offer subscription/recurring systems. Hopefully they will be our new revenue stream.

2) Organization
We welcomed four new-comers last year. They are not fresh from school but experienced talents. They are getting our organization more fun to work in.

3) Capital policy
I can’t describe details here because of many confidential matters. New policy is related to the strategy 1) shown above: we should position ourselves closer to reliable business partners and end-users.
For that, we will be more open to management options such as Join Venture, Open Innovation, Strategic Contracts with Investment,,,etc.

Lastly, but not the least, I will close this blog by saying the same message as always:

“Change is Chance! During change-period, you face insecure situation. To solve it, mofiria works! mofiria provides safe, secure and easy environment to the entire world!”

Author of this article

Satoshi Amagai
mofiria Corporation
President and CEO

Finger Vein Recognition Technology "mofiria"