I Do Not Prefer Business Phone Call

Below is not intended to criticize anyone, so please do not misunderstand.

I personally do not prefer a business phone call.

Phone calls do not consider a receiver’s convenience and demand the receiver to handle it as the top priority.

A phone call will not be transcribed without software, so it could lead to a discrepancy in mutual understanding, and it takes time to share information with co-workers.

I do not prefer SMS as well as it is also inconvenient to share information.

Other than email, we have so many options to communicate, such as SNS, and in those ways, it will be much easier and more efficient.

Conversely, if communicating in those better ways becomes a norm and people call less on the phone,
I think that phone calls will become a way to communicate in urgent and important situations, and people would answer the phone more.

Satoshi Amagai


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