Earthquakes and mofira

Every time there is a major earthquake around the world, we realize in some way that we, mofiria, are related to it.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, during the Great East Japan Earthquake 12 years ago, we were just three months after we went independent from Sony which hit us hard. It was also a time when we reaffirmed that our vein authentication technology can contribute significantly to personal identification during disasters. One of the advantages of our mofiria vein authentication technology is that it can accurately identify individuals even if they are not conscious, don’t have their belongings, or are covered in debris.

During the Kumamoto earthquake about seven years ago, a production plant in Kumamoto that was in the process of developing a crucial component for a groundbreaking new product suffered significant damage, which resulted in the suspension of development.

And then, just over a month ago, there was an earthquake in southern Turkey. One of the first major projects mofiria undertook after its founding was a national project for medical institutions in Turkey. Vein authentication was used for personal identification instead of insurance cards or medical records. This was ten years ago, well before the implementation of the current My Number system in Japan. When we learned of the recent earthquake in Turkey, we immediately contacted our partners at the time. Although they were not affected, they had friends and relatives who were. We realized the severity of the damage and were amazed by the strength of the human spirit, as some people were rescued alive even 72 hours later.

We reaffirmed our desire to make a global contribution in the medical and healthcare fields and to continue to work hard to reduce damage during disasters using the advantages of our mofiria vein authentication technology. One of the benefits of our technology is that it can accurately identify individuals even if they are unconscious, wearing a mask, or have just washed their hands, which makes it valuable during disasters.

Satoshi Amagai


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