After completing the technological announcement for the film sensor..

If we can achieve highly accurate biometric authentication using an ultra-thin vein sensor, the potential applications will expand rapidly, and that has been my heartfelt desire since over 15 years ago when I was still struggling within Sony. The origin of the company name “mofiria,” when I became independent from Sony, has been previously introduced. In 2009, when Sony introduced vein authentication externally, it was installed in Sony Ericsson’s mobile phones at the time, emphasizing the need for mobility to make a breakthrough.

Since then, for over 14 years, we have faced numerous setbacks and had to suspend development multiple times. However, recently, we were finally able to make a technological announcement. Nevertheless, we are still at the stage of technological announcement, and the real challenge lies ahead in product development.

I hope to garner the interest of many potential users and work together to refine the product concept. A mobile-oriented, integrated finger vein authentication system is what we envision.

*mobile-oriented finger vein integrated authentication


Finger Vein Recognition Technology "mofiria"