Mofiria’s View: The program and article titled ‘Researchers: Vein authentication can be deceived’

On November 1st 2018, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK, Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), broadcasted a news titled ‘Researchers: Vein authentication can be deceived’ on TV news program and posted the related article on their web site.
We mofiria Corporation announce our view on that news and article.

According to that program and related article, it seems all vein authentication technologies have a risk to be hacked with an image taken by digital camera.
However, the experiment introduced in the program used very specific devices and techniques in a very specific environment. A series of the techniques has no common point with mofiria’s vein authentication technology at all.
Especially, it has some obvious differences from mofiria’s technology as follows:

» Vein portions mofiria uses are invisible with visible light.
» Biometrics data mofiria uses is created by emitting near-infrared light with a specific wavelength. The data is available only when using near-infrared light with the exact same characteristics.
» Vein portions mofiria uses include not only near the surface but some deeper areas.
» The experiment seems to use finger knuckles and shapes for the enrollment and authentication. Mofiria uses vein pattern only.

Since the content of the TV program and related article may give unnecessary anxiety to mofiria’s customers and potential customers and affect mofiria’s future business, mofiria is going to ask some organizations related to this news to correct the information and future adequate information communications.

November 6th, 2018
mofiria Corporation
President & CEO Satoshi Amagai


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