mofiria and Pers Japan Develop Drawer that Locks and Unlocks with Finger Vein Authentication

~ The bedside cabinet, equipped with this drawer, has been delivered to all hospital beds at the University of Tokyo Hospital ~

mofiria Corporation (Headquarters: Shinagawa, Tokyo; President: Akira Shibata, hereafter referred to as mofiria) has developed, in collaboration with Pers Japan Corporation (Headquarters: Bunkyo, Tokyo; President: Masahiro Takanishi, hereafter referred to as Pers Japan), a drawer that locks and unlocks solely through finger vein authentication. This innovative product has been delivered to all hospital beds at the University of Tokyo Hospital (hereafter referred to as Tokyo University Hospital) and has commenced full operation.

   The delivered bedside cabinet (this product)
The drawer part incorporating the vein authentication feature

This product represents an upgrade to the existing bedside cabinets previously supplied and operated by Pers Japan at Tokyo University Hospital. By simply hovering a finger over it, the drawer can be locked and unlocked without the need for physical keys. This frees patients from the concerns of losing keys, the risk of theft, and the inconvenience of having to carry keys around. We hope that this will enable patients to enjoy a more secure and comfortable hospital stay. The Tokyo University Hospital adopted the product with the aim of providing a safer and more comfortable environment for patients.

                 Operation image

The introduction of finger vein authentication, known for its higher accuracy among biometric authentication methods, is expected to further enhance hospital security and prevent incidents proactively, thus reducing the burden of related tasks for the hospital. mofiria will continue to collaborate with Pers Japan to promote the widespread use of this product, enhancing both safety and convenience for hospitals and patients.

※1 Finger Vein Authentication: Finger vein authentication is a type of biometric authentication that verifies an individual based on the vein patterns in their finger. Unlike other biometric authentications that rely on the surface of the skin, this method uses veins inside the body, making it extremely difficult to impersonate or forge. Additionally, it is less affected by conditions such as wetness, roughness, or aging, making it one of the most secure biometric authentications and gaining significant attention.

About Pers Japan Corporation:

Founded in 1984, Pers Japan began with the hospital patient TV rental business. Since its inception, the company has adhered to customer-first principles, incorporating cutting-edge technology to enhance convenience for medical institutions and their patients. By swiftly adapting to changes in technology and the environment, Pers Japan strives to conduct activities closely aligned with its customers’ needs, aiming to maximize customer satisfaction.

About mofiria Corporation:

In December 2010, mofiria was established independently, inheriting Sony Corporation’s unique finger vein authentication technology. With the slogan “Small and lightweight, high-speed authentication, comfortable operation,” mofiria aims to make vein authentication technology, recognized as one of the most accurate forms of biometric authentication, more user-friendly and universally accessible.

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