Mofiria Provides AEON Bank with New Hybrid Biometric Device

AEON Bank Ltd., a Japanese new style bank, has announced that they had introduced a whole new biometrics authentication system to their ATMs and teller windows, which allows the customers to do any bank transactions without using a bank card nor entering PIN number. Enabling any transactions with identity verification using biometrics only is the first trial in Japan.

Mofiria Corporation developed a totally new biometric device that implements both finger vein and fingerprint authentication technologies to attain high security and usability. Mofiria provides the Japanese bank with this hybrid biometric device and related software library for finger vein authentication.

AEON Bank held a proof-of-concept of identity verification for bank transactions using fingerprint authentication last year. This time they introduced two-factor authentication system in order to enhance security basis and usability on auto teller machines and teller windows.
The device realizes ’empty-handed’ transactions with biometric identity verification and without having to use a bank card nor to enter PIN number.
AEON Bank has introduced this system to 5 branches for the proof-of-concept and they have a plan to introduce it to all branches by October 2018.

About Mofiria
mofiria Corporation inherits unique and patented finger vein authentication technology originally developed by Sony Corporation. This technology realizes high accuracy yet “compact, fast and comfortable” solution. mofiria is focusing on providing business developers who implement biometrics into their own products and/or services with easy-to-use solution which supports various platforms.
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