In late July, I visited Sri Lanka for the first time in my life. From the beginning to the end, it was an exciting 6 nights and 8 days full of unexpected events. I will share some of those experiences over a few installments.

Although the trip was for private summer vacation, there were several matters indirectly and potentially related to our company. This is a report based on my personal observations, so there might be some differences from official information and statistics. Please understand this in advance.

During my stay, I barely spent time in what you’d call urban areas. Instead, I traveled 1200 km over 6 days, covering almost the western half of Sri Lanka on an adventurous journey.

There were challenging experiences, but reflecting on them after over a month, my memories are mostly positive: the endearing nature of the Sri Lankan people, outstanding young individuals, delicious fruits and dishes, and so on.

Sri Lanka, with its geopolitical potential and risks, will be a topic I’ll touch upon in my next blog posts.

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