Sri Lanka Travelogue (6) My first experience with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is said to be the world’s oldest traditional longevity medicine with a history of 5,000 years. Those who become enamored with it often stay for extended periods, leisurely aiming for therapeutic recovery. In this sense, it might be a concept similar to Japan’s ‘hot spring cures.’

A senior colleague from my previous company, Mr. H, posted on social media that he and his wife indulged in it for a week in February.

Unfortunately, our tour only had half a day, so it was a condensed experience, but it was still incredibly good!

First, there was a consultation with a dedicated doctor, followed by blood pressure and pulse measurements, and then about a minute of palpation around the wrist. Based on these examinations, I was told, ‘Let’s focus on treating here and there. The oil we’ll use for this is this for here, that for there.’ After the treatment, ‘Drink this herbal tea and take these supplements which will benefit you,’ was explained. However, the place we visited didn’t have a Japanese interpreter, so we went into the treatment room before fully understanding everything.

There, I was promptly told to undress completely and lie on the bed, and without hesitation, the oil massage for my head and neck began. This continued for what felt like forever (maybe 15 minutes?). As it went on, my head and neck felt incredibly light and refreshed.

After that came a long massage for the back and legs. Then, a 20-minute full-body oil bath. I almost drifted off and sank a few times.

After the treatment, I took a shower and finally had some medicinal herbal tea, followed by a healthy lunch.

Including the herbal tea, oil, and cream I bought as souvenirs, everything was incredibly reasonable – or rather, it was a ‘cheap!’ therapy.

The flight back home that night was delayed and fully booked, but I was able to return without accumulating stress.

Could this be a key (service) for Sri Lanka’s future global growth?

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