Sri Lanka Travelogue (4): ‘Jungle Visit – Part 1’

The primary purpose of our 1,200 km journey this time was to promote the main business of the tour leader’s company.
Specifically, it was to advance the trade of specialty products from Sri Lanka’s primary industry. To achieve this, we visited places that produce high-quality specialty goods, leading us deep into the dense jungles.

① Our first jungle stop was in the southwestern part of Sri Lanka, where we visited a natural cinnamon cultivation and production facility. This additive-free Ceylon cinnamon is referred to as “Cinnamomum verum” scientifically and is believed to be one of the world’s oldest spices. The manufacturing process was truly an artform: we observed the stages of splitting, stacking, drying, and sizing the cinnamon. (See the first two photos.) The major challenge here is transportation logistics. How can we efficiently transport these products to ports or airports?

② The next jungle visit was to a tannery in the mid-western region. Initially, we wondered why such a facility would be located deep within a jungle. The reason, it seems, is the abundant water available in tropical rainforests, which is essential for the tanning process. The tanning was carried out meticulously several times, resulting in flawless leather. (Five photos attached.) The fifth photo of the tanned leather is a color sample. Here, too, the primary challenge lies in transportation logistics. Leather is heavier than cinnamon. When it rains, the unpaved roads do not drain well, causing slow driving conditions.


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