Optimizing Your Solutions 2 – Event Notification

What is ‘Event Notification’ feature?

First of all, please take a look at the following video:

This video includes two patterns of vein recognition processes that is used as an alternative for a physical key. Did you notice there was a slight difference between them?

In the first process, the person did one additional behavior that turned on the device before starting the authentication. In the second one, however, the process started soon after placing a finger on the device.

The authentication process to open the cabinet uses the ‘Event Notification’ feature. The authentication device is waiting for placing a finger on and the process starts as soon as it happens.

Though it looks slightly different, it can be a significant difference in the view of usability.
This feature is suitable for 1:N authentication process since it is just a process of placing a finger without specifying anything. We recommend utilizing this feature if you develop a solution using mofiria’s 1:N authentication.
However, please note that it uses slight power consumption while waiting for a finger to be placed.

Supported SDK and Device

This feature is supported by the following client and device controlling SDK:

All of the current authentication devices support this feature but the ones with some older firmware versions don’t.
Please contact us if you are not sure whether or not your device supports it.

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