8-Year Anniversary for mofiria

On December 6th,2018,

Today we have 8-year anniversary of mofiria Corporation.

Taking this opportunity, we want to express our sincere appreciation to all the people who have supported us, worked with us, and advised us.

Sorry this is written in Japanese, but it is a kind of “my eternal reference”. It is an impressive documentary about Sony’s CCD development history.
Sony’s CCD eventually made success after the tough 8-year of blood, sweat and tears in its R&D.

The author is Mr. Yoshiyuki Kawana, one of core engineers of CCD development.
Most precious lesson for me is “Never give up as long as you believe the future benefit of this new technology”.

Recalling back the last one year, we had some good news, but I feel we had much more sad or negative news around the world, e.g. natural disaster, crazy climates, international dispute, illegal adjustment of official data, power harassment, sexual harassment, etc.

In the field of new technologies, we further realize that those power (e.g. IoT, Fintech, AI) is changing every industry structure or people’s life style.
One typical example in Japan: now almost every day we see or hear the report of “cashless”. Until just recently Japan has been said to be very slow in coping with world cashless trend.

When I find any of those news shown above, I am to consider whether we mofiria may help improve the situation.

For the coming year we’ll continue to act globally to help make the world better.
Especially we’d like to contribute to establishing the environment of “secure ID for every single person”.
No matter what you are, where you are, how old you are, mofiria guarantees who you are.

Thank you.

Author of this article

Satoshi Amagai
mofiria Corporation
President and CEO

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