I am much obligated to post in such a long time!

Many unpredictable things happened in the last two years, and I hope everyone is doing ok and staying healthy.

We, as mofiria have been through ups and downs during this time, but it will not be interesting for you to read about many negative things, so I would rather talk about some updates in positive way.

1) 12th Annivarsary
・Today, Dec 6th, is our anniversary of foundation! We are at the end of 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle and going into the second cycle.
・On the occasion of 10th anniversary, I shifted from the Pesident to the Founder & Chairman, but my motivation and ambition of pushing mofiria’s technology forward and using our technology to help people around the world have not changed at all.

2) Covid-19
・At the beginning of the pandemic, we had difficulty connecting and communicating with customers and partners, which hit us severely. However, after shifting to the new normal, the importance of identification and security is re-acknowledged, and interests towards our technology have increased.
・People often lump together various biometrics, but it is gradually becoming “right technology in the right place”. Suitable and unsuitable of each type of biometrics are started to be understood globally.

3) Parts shortage
・The global chip shortage has been severly affecting our supplychain.
・We can not rely on sells of current products due to the supplychain issue, but this tough situation has lit a fire in us. New-tech development and projects had been suspended due to Covid, but we passionately have resumed to working hard on them. If everything goes well, we will be able to introduce some of them to you around early 2023.

4) New encounters
・After the huge impact of Covid and the chip shortage, other companies are also groping for new business, especially something related to adopting the new normal, such as remote security and identification. As a result, we are recieving many contacts from industories and people that we have never communicated with.
・Companies working with complement partners for open innovation seems to be a trend, and we are very busy considering where we can fit in those open innovation projects.

That’s all!

Covid still threats us, and it’s almost like entering the eighth wave, but I find myself getting used to it after three years of pandemic, which may not be safe.
It’s getting cold here in Tokyo as heading into mid winter. Please don’t be too sure of yourself and take a good care!

Thank you for your support throughout the year.

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Satoshi Amagai


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